Meatheads united

1:40 am : Friday, 24 November 2006  | 

Tonight I decided to visit The Nelson for a little karaoke action. Lysa had something up her sleeve tonight - people would sing two songs in a row. My two were The Eagles' Take It To The Limit and Alison Moyet's That Ole Devil Called Love. The first song was a tester, to say the least, while the second one made me come alive.

As for the clientele - well.... meatheads. Beer-swilling, football-supporting, knuckle-dragging, microphone-banging meatheads. Roll on Saturday night, with its more manageable crowd.

As I left, the Irish woman sat at the bar tugged on my coat and told me to go back and sing another as I was "The only decent singer"!

Behind those eyes of blue

5:39 am : Wednesday, 22 November 2006  |  ,

Went to the karaoke last night. For those who wonder, Tuesday nights I go to Mutley's karaoke at the Queens Head near Turnpike Lane. Some may remember it as been a notorious bikers pub. It's a slight saner nowadays.

Last night made me happy, happy, happy. At long last, I got to sing the Paul Carrack song Eyes Of Blue. Boy, have I been waiting an eternity to find it on any karaoke anywhere! It was a fairly minor hit back in early/mid 1996 - I believe it only got as high as #33 - but some of us just embrace a song like that. So there is a song I will come back to time and time again!

Paul Carrack - Eyes Of Blue


6:39 pm : Sunday, 19 November 2006  |  ,

This morni..... er, afternoon, I emerged from my bed, stuck to the ceiling by a great zeppelin of snot. Had a good nose blow, and then made the mistake of trying to speak. The loveliest honking sound emerged! Where's my normal voice? Normally I have this monotone drawl, which is enough, I can assure you. What I have now is something completely else. I'm sat here singing Wand'rin Star in the style of Lee Marvin - with an incredible degree of perfection too!

Anyway, last night - I went to the karaoke, and sang the Take That number A Million Love Songs. Poor Justin was none too happy. He doesn't really seem to like Take That. I reassured him by promising to sing it in the style of Ken Barlow and not Gary Barlow!

And espouse no wart

8:34 pm : Thursday, 16 November 2006  | 

The title of a recent bit of spam. This one amused me!

The Shorts are out! The Gap is Good! Take advantage!
All things come to he who waits.
Patience is a virtue.
Man with four balls can't walk.

Thanks for that, "Robbie Mullen"! Talking of spam, what happened to those ones about septic tanks? I kinda miss them. They were so ridiculous!

Karaoke and Dubya

7:59 am : Sunday, 12 November 2006  |  , ,

Blimey - another blog entry! I'm on a role! Or a roll, even.

A fairly reasonable night at the karaoke last night. A couple of nobheads were thrown out for being a little too boistrous. That Lysa takes no shit from men!

Little Miss Kate Bush (AKA Tina Linsey) didn't show up in the end, so I didn't get to do my Peter Gabriel duet. I did Simple Minds' Don't You (Forget About Me) and, by request, Harry Belafonte's Jump In Line (Shake Shake Senora).

Here's a clip for you. I know this guy is not renowned for his intelligence, but listening to this just has me worried - especially that last "Derrrrh!!" I mean, there's just nothing going on up there! And he's the most powerful man in the world? We're doooomed!!

Dubya - Err

Watching the Detectives

12:33 pm : Saturday, 11 November 2006  | 

Here is one for the comedy fans. Recently, the BBC have been decent enough to bring out a series of DVD's of The Detectives - a sitcom starring Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell. I used to watch it with enthusiasm. I've always been a fan of Jasper Carrott, and this show was just hilarious. Now you can buy the first three series on DVD. I bought the first one yesterday, and it is just lovely to see those two characters arseing around once again!