6:09 pm : Thursday, 24 July 2008  |  , ,

I cannot believe I have found this f*cking advert on YouTube! For the last 25 years I had forgotten that this ad even existed, and now it's all coming back again!

According to Wikipedia: "...after 4 weeks on air, it was banned due to giving children nightmares and giving a man a heart attack." Personally, I wasn't frightened by it, though I do remember thinking what an indescribeably weird ad it was. Anyway, decide for yourselves!

Somewhat disturbing Kinder Surprise advert from the 80's

Train Song

1:07 am : Wednesday, 23 July 2008  |  ,

Just found an American advert for NFL/Reebok, which happens to feature the Vashti Bunyan song Train Song. An odd choice of song for the advert, but it's nice to see her music once again reaching a new audience. First it was the T-Mobile ad featuring Diamond Day, and now this one.

Reebok - Join the Migration