Da Truth

12:29 pm : Saturday, 24 November 2012  |  ,

This video comes to us courtesy of The Woodcreek Faction. Apparently it is the truth about ELO's big hit Don't Bring Me Down.

"It was just one more thing that a negro didn't get credit for!!"

ELO - Da Truth - Woodcreek Faction

A sigh of relief

11:06 am : Wednesday, 7 November 2012  |  , ,

Not much to say, except thank goodness Obama is still in power. All I ask is that we keep those Jesus freaks out of power. Is that too tall an order? John McBush and Bible Spice have no business running the most powerful country in the world. A person with a proper understanding of reality is required, and this has been achieved once again. We may sleep peacefully for the next four years!


9:25 pm : Saturday, 3 November 2012  | 

Though I may no longer live near Alexandra Palace, there has been no shortage of fireworks round here. In fact, all I had to do was open those living room curtains, and there was a ringside seat! Complete with classical music wafting over from the nearby rugby pitch! The cats weren't too happy though....