Eee, it were grand!

1:45 pm : Friday, 29 June 2007  | 

The flute concert tonight was something of a success! Our group did five ensemble pieces, and three of us did solos too - mine being the Carole King song Will You Love Me Tomorrow. I am amazed at how I wasn't even nervous! Lord, I relished it! And the somewhat stern tutor was impressed with how far I have come, so I must have done well! Now all I need to do is raise the sponds in order to attend the next level next year.

Mind the gap

12:26 pm : Sunday, 24 June 2007  |  ,

Today, TfL were putting on a centenary celebration of the Golders Green/Archway to Charing Cross section of the Northern Line. The highlight of which was the running of one of those old red 1938 tube trains.

Taking a ride on the old train, it was certainly a world away from the tube of today. First of all, the seats are more comfortable on the old train - you just sink right into that cushion! The other realisation was how dark it is inside the carriage once you go into the tunnel. Those old light bulbs give a nice, soft warmth. It was a wonderful experience.

I think the last time I rode one of those trains was back in the mid 70's when they were still in service. Nice to hear the whine of those old compressors once again! Sorry, but the trainspotting anorak in me is coming out!