Safe and sound

11:47 pm : Thursday, 7 July 2005  |  , ,

Before anyone asks - yes, I am safe. I arrived safely at work today, if a little late, and even managed to find a way home, despite there being no tube service. Thank goodness the Silverlink Metro was running as I would have stood no chance. Now we must wait for answers.

It was a day of little work, as you can imagine. We seemed to spend much time glued to the TV in the canteen, eager for updates. Calls and texts came in, each one hoping for a good news reply.

Back to the humdrum tomorrow. I only hope so.

In Memoriam

8:53 pm : Wednesday, 6 July 2005  |  , ,

This post is in memory of Percival Torz, who died today, aged 85.

In April 2000 I came to know Serena, having placed an entry in her website guestbook. An internet/phone friendship began, which became a real life friendship. By April 2001, we tried to become more than friends. Though this was not to be successful, we have remained friends since.

Since I've known her, I had only met her father twice. He was a small, and rather conventional looking man. Following the death of his wife, he became a strong-willed and independent person. His daughter paid him visits every Friday after work.

I last met him in 2004, when Serena and I were helping him prepare for moving into a smaller home. Though he hardly knew me, he remained very accommodating. I will remember him most for this.

Despite being a strong and able-bodied person, he contracted colonic cancer. His last few months were not pleasant. Though the hospital were ready and willing to operate on him, his refusal to eat, and the resulting weakness got the better of him. I had hopes for his survival, though today told otherwise.

Today is also the day it was announced that Britain will host the 2012 Olympics. Though not a sports fan, Mr Torz would have appreciated this result.

My thoughts are with Serena, who is coping very well in this hard time. My thanks also go out to Hillary Kurt, Serena's long-time friend and line dance teacher, for supporting her at this time. Hillary is a true friend, one who has found many a time to offer valuable help and support.

God Rest Percy.