Channeling the inner geek

2:09 am : Saturday, 20 April 2019  |  , , , , , ,

While I have had a YouTube channel since 2006, it is only recently I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start doing my own series of videos about audio and tech matters. Others out there already do a fine job at this. South Dakota-based Oddity Archive has given us a terrific series of audio and video related episodes. Hailing from New Jersey, VWestlife soothes us with his mellow voice as he shows us his latest technological escapades. Over here in the UK we have the highly respected Techmoan, a Wigan-based chap who has this amazing ability to demonstrate some of the most obscure and forgotten audio and video formats. Finally from Blackpool there is Cassette Comeback, a man who is devoted to keeping the Compact Cassette™ alive - whilst managing to sound like Noel Gallagher.

My valiant attempt - titled Fluteboy (don't ask why) - sees me demonstrating my audio matters. Episode one involves a ball of green glop that promises to rid our vinyl records of that annoying "frying bacon" sound. Episode two goes into detail on my turntable, and why I chose a 35 year old model over a current one. The latest episode is about my speakers - two floorstanding giants that cost me less that £32. In fact, the floor spike adaptations I bought for them cost more! This was the bargain of the century.

So please visit, watch, like, comment, and share. It'll do me the world of good. I may not have the subscriber base of KSI or PewDiePie, but I have to start somewhere....

A painted smile

1:07 am : Friday, 5 April 2019  |  , , , ,

Both Hannah and I suffer from depression. We have our own flavours to deal with. Mine is (thankfully) largely contained, with usually a monthly blip to challenge me. Hannah has it a bit harder, and therefore a different method of handling things is required.

One thing that was seriously getting her down recently was the dark nature of our bedroom. It is painted a light pink, so it is not as if the walls are sucking the light out. Together we identified it as the bedroom furniture. Much of it was antique pine, with its charachteristic dark golden colour, and while it all matched nicely and looked at home in a "chabby-chic" setting, it was a little too dark for her comfort. I, on the other hand, just wished to see the back of that bloody Ikea Dombås wardrobe that was somehow still hanging together!

The solution was as follows: take those bedside cabinets, drawers and dressing table and sand the varnish off of the tops. This exposed a nice light surface that when waxed looks much lighter. The drawer knobs would also get the same treatment. For the drawer fronts and main cabinets, a layer of primer followed by an off-white furniture paint. This is then topped off with the same clear wax. It was all a rather long process but when completed it helped to lessen the gloom in the room.

Yesterday that Dumb-ass.... sorry, Dombås wardrobe was unscrewed and dismantled. It served us well for a few years, but it did not really belong! The task of wardrobing has been given to a solid pine one that is currently getting the same sand, paint and wax treatment. There is also now a large mirror above the bed to help throw some light into those darker recesses.

Light is so important when it comes to maintaining moods. I have never understood those people who paint their walls a very dark shade. Normally I see it on TV - where some lowlife has their living room painted what looks like a dark plum colour. Did no one tell them that deep colours are to be used for accenting?