Vote for love

11:05 pm : Thursday, 22 May 2014  |  , , ,

Today was polling day for the European elections, and it would appear that UKIP stand to do well. Despite the nonsense that their party members/ex-members tend to spout, people seem to be keen on them doing well. Recent gaffes include:
  • David Silvester claiming that the four months of freak weather in the UK was down to the Government's recent legalisation of gay marriage.
  • Godfrey Bloom telling a reporter: "no self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age," and "I just don't think [women] clean behind the fridge enough."
  • William Henwood stating of comedian Lenny Henry: "He should emigrate to a black country. He does not have to live with whites."
  • Eric Kitson claiming that muslim women should be hanged.
  • Chris Pain describing immigrants as "sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-f*cking, ragheads."
  • Geoffrey Clark calling for compulsory abortion of foetuses with Down's syndrome or spina bifida.
I only hope that people chose to use their brains when voting today.

On my voting paper, there was a choice of nine parties. One of the options available just amazed me:
  • Harmony Party
    "Zero-Immigration, Anti-EU, Pro-Jobs"
Not sounding TOO harmonious there!

++++++++++ UPDATE ++++++++++

These are the results according to the BBC:

So Labour appear to be making good gains, as do the UKIP fruitcakes and loonies. Shame to see the Lib Dems lose so many seats, as they managed to weedle some of their plans into the coalition, such as the £10K tax allowance.

The European election results will be announced on Sunday.

Eastenders Rap

6:53 pm : Friday, 16 May 2014  |  ,

This may bring back memories for some of us!

Eastenders came to British TV in the spring of 1985, and since then, has literally become an institution in itself. People will literally drop everything in order to catch the latest episode, although the advent of catchup TV has somewhat relaxed this behaviour.

An example of this I heard on radio in 1998, when a caller phoned into a talk show to discuss what he saw as "the moronicism of the British people". On ITV1, the World Cup final match attracted an audience of six-and-a-half million viewers. BBC2, who were showing opera with Placido Domingo, garnered a respectable five-and-a-half million viewers. These two combined could not match the pull of Eastenders on BBC1 however - which landed THIRTEEN-AND-A-HALF MILLION VIEWERS! The caller then went off on one about how nothing - not an important football match, nor a decent bit of culture - could tear people away from this "thing" that had been "conditioned into them". I couldn't much disagree with the caller's sentiments.

Anyhow, back on topic. The "lure" of Eastenders was demonstrated early in 1987 when two budding dance artists decided to put together a hip-hop track about their favourite soap opera! Vocals were provided by MC Micron - who would a year later become known as Rebel MC, with hits like Street Tuff and Jus' Keep Rockin'. His accomplice, DJ Ron, would become a respected jungle/drum & bass artist. Despite their progression within the music business, it is hard to beat listening to those origins! This track was paraded on many a pirate radio station in the UK.

MC Micron - Eastenders Rap

The unwoken fool

2:41 pm : Sunday, 11 May 2014  |  , , , , ,

There is a lesson that I just will not learn. The lesson being, that if I have too much sleep, my dreams will start getting weirder and weirder. Being a Sunday, I allowed myself the generous sum of ten hours, and the result is always the same. I wake up with a dance track going round and round in my head on a tape loop, with lyrics like: "I'm getting out of here - from Outer Space!"

The dreams are no better. Despite having left Sainsbury's two years ago, I am still dreaming about turning up there. And I must have been in America too, because I kept opening a big fridge! You know, those huge numbers that they only seem to have over there! And while walking outdoors, I am able to cause 2012-style sinkholes and tsunamis just by looking at a certain place in the distance - and then stop it again by saying to myself: "No come on, that's enough!" Sleep is clearly only good for me in measured doses.

Anyhow, last night's Eurovision was full of delights as always. My favourite ended up being Poland's entry My Słowianie [me-swov-yan-ya]. I even ended up dialling the number to register my vote, but sadly the sexy butter-churning babes didn't come anywhere close to winning. Gówno!!

Donatan & Cleo - My Słowianie (Poland) - Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Armenia, meanwhile, had an Iain Lee lookalike giving us a song that reminded me of that old Internet Explorer 9 TV advert. You know - the one that told us: "IE9 smoked the competition!"

Aram MP3 - Not Alone (Armenia) - Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Congrats shall nevertheless go out to Austria and their bearded lady. There's one in the eye for all those narrow-minded, homophobic far-right-supporting numpties in that country!

Get on the good foot

8:50 pm : Friday, 9 May 2014  | 

Had my left foot X-rayed last week, and today I visited the doctor to see what the result was. Evidence of early arthritis in my big toe, but nothing to explain the cramping pain that befalls the entire left side of the foot. I am now being referred for physiotherapy, and in the meantime there is another course of naproxen to be swallowing. Something tells me a new pair of DM's is in order.

"It's not class or ideology, colour, creed or roots - the only thing that unites us is Dr Marten's boots!"

De sound of drum

11:45 pm : Tuesday, 6 May 2014  |  , , ,

The Women's Tour cycling event kicks off tomorrow in Oundle, and today saw the town centre closed off in order to host a festival between 4 and 10PM. Among the many musical treats on offer was a steel band from the nearby prestigious Oundle School. This great cover of the song Pumped Up Kicks was my favourite moment!

Oundle School steel band - Pumped Up Kicks

Will try to be up early tomorrow to see the hundred or so cyclists begin their 57 mile journey to Northampton.