They got no cowin’ Bovril!

8:37 am : Sunday, 31 August 2008  |  , ,

Lord, I feel sorry for those poor folk in Birmingham. Yesterday at work, I learned that the popular beef drink Bovril has been withdrawn from sale due to a quality issue. For the last three weeks or so, you simply cannot get it anywhere, and customers have asking when it's going to be coming back.

Anyone who has watched Jasper Carrott will be aware of the fact that Bovril seems to be a Birmingham drink - especially among football supporters! I just wonder how the hell they are are surviving up there!

Jasper Carrott on Bovril

Judging by that clap of thunder that's just gone off here, it sounds like Alexandra Palace has just been hit. A little too close for comfort!

All in graphic detail

1:59 pm : Saturday, 16 August 2008  |  ,

While my back pain appears to be receding, this morning I awoke to find the muscles in my sides causing me great discomfort. I thought I was going to spend the day being doubled up. Lord above, why are my body muscles suddenly turning on me?

Eventually the pain decided to leave me alone, and I ventured outdoors in order to buy a new graphics card for this computer. It was time to move on from that Riva TNT2 M64 card that dates back to 1999. Now I am using a Geforce FX5500 that first appeared in 2002. Well it was cheap! And it appears to be Vista compatible too, should I ever decide to take that plunge.

Back pain

1:33 pm : Tuesday, 12 August 2008  |  ,

This morning I woke at 5:30, switched on the lamp, switched off the alarm, and lay there contemplating this pain in my lower back. It didn't matter what side I lay on - front and back included - as soon as my lower back relaxed, the pain became most uncomfortable. Even having a pillow under my back or raising my knees brought no relief.

At nearly 36, this has been my first experience of back pain. It was a moment I was dreading. A back that won't cooperate can ruin your quality of life. But why me? I am a staunch follower of correct lifting procedures, so why me?

I visited the doctor, and had him prod and ram me in the back. Nothing he did brought any pain, so it would seem the problem is only muscular. Some time off work is now in order. I am allowed to keep myself moving, but nothing too strenuous. I'm going to be bored silly! I've already taken the time to install Windows XP Service Pack 3. Now what?

Zoë Young

2:25 pm : Saturday, 2 August 2008  |  ,

I am delighted to have found this. The artist formerly known as Zoë Pollock has done the decent thing, and got back into making some more music - including a reworking of her 1991 classic Sunshine On A Rainy Day. This is a very spiritual version, and may divide opinion, though I feel it is just beautiful.

For those who don't know, she eventually married the fantastic poet and wordsmith Murray Lachlan-Young, and they are living with their two sons in Penzance. By watching the video, we can see that she is still the same colourful, yummy hippychick!

Zoe Young - Sunshine On A Rainy Day 2008