Dream on dreamer

1:09 pm : Monday, 14 April 2014  |  ,

I had a friend/ex-partner who was able to decode dreams for me, and Heaven knows I wish they were around to work this one out! This one is lunacy, to say the least! A couple of nights ago, I dreamt our kitten Elsie was equipped with USB capability. Put simply, I was required to lift her tail in order to reveal a USB plug, which I then plugged into our laptop!

The only possible explanation I can fathom is that we had her chipped a few weeks ago, hence the electronic connection here (pardon the pun!). Other than that, why on earth would I be plugging our cat into a computer? And DON'T suggest I was surfing the web for pussy!

Take my breath away

2:35 pm : Sunday, 13 April 2014  |  ,

Got back from hospital an hour ago. Hannah, being a mild asthma sufferer, had a rather difficult three nights recently, and early this morning things became intolerable. A visit to A&E was the result, with a couple of doses courtesy of a nebuliser.

It is only the second time in her life she has had a major attack, explaining why we failed to act sooner. Foolish really. We could have saved three sleepless nights for the both of us. She is now on a course of steroids for the next five days. Hopefully this will help things to settle.

As for me health-wise, I continue to have incredible trouble with my left foot, my right knee and my lower back. Seems my days of being fit and healthy are numbered. Even prescription-strength codeine manages to only take the edge of things.

The spare bedroom/office is changing from pink to green. And not before time. I am not against having a pink room - just not so bold a shade of it!