Karaoke and Dubya

7:59 am : Sunday, 12 November 2006  |  , ,

Blimey - another blog entry! I'm on a role! Or a roll, even.

A fairly reasonable night at the karaoke last night. A couple of nobheads were thrown out for being a little too boistrous. That Lysa takes no shit from men!

Little Miss Kate Bush (AKA Tina Linsey) didn't show up in the end, so I didn't get to do my Peter Gabriel duet. I did Simple Minds' Don't You (Forget About Me) and, by request, Harry Belafonte's Jump In Line (Shake Shake Senora).

Here's a clip for you. I know this guy is not renowned for his intelligence, but listening to this just has me worried - especially that last "Derrrrh!!" I mean, there's just nothing going on up there! And he's the most powerful man in the world? We're doooomed!!

Dubya - Err

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