In a lather

10:10 am : Sunday, 25 August 2019  |  ,

Happiness is a new washing machine. One that arrived at 8 this morning and - with a bit of swearing - I succeeded in plumbing in. If there is any advice that can be given, it is this - change that rubber washer on the water inlet hose if you are thinking of transplanting it from the old machine to the new one. Our kitchen has a arrangement that prevents us from using the standard length of water hose, thus requiring us to use and reuse the longer one.

'Tis whisper quiet. The old one sounded like a jet engine when it spun, all thanks to a knackered bearing. It makes me laugh to think - all it needed was a new bearing for the drum to be mounted on, yet to replace that very bearing, you have to dismantle EVERY part of the machine! All for the want of a rotary bearing. The spin noise was bad enough, but when it sounded like we were operating it with a brick in the drum, it was clearly time for a new one. And THAT is what a credit card is for. Not needless clothes or music or other frippery that brings us happiness - but the emergency purchase that cannot be avoided. The Ug in the room, grunting and farting, reminding you this must be sorted NOW.