It's for you-oooo!!

Treated Hannah to a new mobile phone yesterday. Usually she has relied on my old cast-offs or that trusty old Nokia, but when the latter's screen broke last week, it was time to give her something new. I have always been a fervent Android fan, so an Android-based Samsung was in order. Now she has a better phone than me! More memory, faster processor - enjoy it dear, you deserve it!

The clocks went forward this morning, and as guessed, neither of us were prepared to lose an hour's sleep because of it. Nice afternoon out there, and we were busy blowing zeds. The luxury!

Anyway, peace and wub! Wub
In the news...

This popped up on the BBC News site today. A brass concert was taking place at a church in Tiptree in Essex. A wonderfully serene moment in front of a largely aged audience. When suddenly - one of the trombonists has a sneeze. Into his instrument. This results in an elephant-like noise erupting! Personally I would have moved the instrument away if I were having to sneeze, though this guy somehow tried to ride it out.
Me so horny!

Our kitten Elsie is in heat at the moment, and it is causing all sorts of emotions for us. The appointment for the vet is set for tomorrow morning. Pricey, but essential for returning some kind of sanity - for her and us!
Chocolatey snuggle

I bring thee videos once again...

McVitie's are currently running an ad campaign which seems to be comparing their biscuit products to various animals. An interesting concept, and one that seems to entertain. This first one sees them comparing their chocolate digestives to a load of fwuffy wittle kittens! You would have to be a hard-hearted wretch to not love this!
The next one however, I find a little bit freaky. I know jaffa cakes are renowned for their tangy quality, but how on earth does that come across here? I can only guess it's because those eyes look a little like jaffa cakes!
Yesterday a lawn mower arrived to replace that sparky old Flymo that went before. Plugged it in, all excited - and it didn't work. Phuq! What is it going to take to mow this flipping lawn?!
Sparks will fly!

Today, with the weather in very fine form, I decided to cut the grass. First time in five months, so it was looking in serious need of a haircut. Things started off fine enough, with the mower trying its hardest to deal with the long grass. Halfway through, a huge spark of electricity flew out from the handle panel. Kind of like a mini firework going off. I was just fortunate I did not actually receive a shock from it. Hannah just so happened to be watching from the window, so needed some good reassuring afterwards. Nothing to do but cut the cable and dispose of the b@st*rd.

So - net result - a half-cut lawn and a need for a new mower. Damn!
By 'eck!

The property over the road now has new residents. Middle-aged folk who look a lot more responsible than that farkarse who went before them. Speaking to them, I learned they originally come from Wythenshawe in Manchester. Given that I have family living up there, and that I very nearly moved to nearby Northern Moor, there shall be much to talk about. "Northern Moor is looveleh!", she told me!

As for me, there is painting to do. Nothing like keeping me busy with a paintbrush....
Returning to the fold

Earlier this week my computer decided to pack up. For me it is like losing a leg. I know it's all about laptops and tablets these days, but for me there is no real alternative to the lumbering colossus that is the desktop. Yes, they may be about as desirable as ye olde CRT televisions, but that has the added benefit of allowing us to obtain them cheaply! Last month Hannah bought a second-hand desktop for all of £10. Dual-core processor, 17" flat screen, the lot. Ten poonds. Keep yer 7" tablet - it's no substitute for a 25" screen on a desk! All I needed was a motherboard with a SATA controller that was willing to function correctly, and that task has been accomplished.

Video time now. These came to my attention via the TV show Rude Tube, and have delighted me no end! First up is an 'experiment' by a Russian troupe calling themselves The Idiots, and sees them literally taking the skin off their backsides! All in the name of research, you understand....
The next one is simple genius. Take a majestic fanfare that is known the world over, and reduce it to a childish flail! I was in pieces when I saw this on TV! It is so simple and so cack-handed in its delivery that it becomes a true delight. What's more - if my life ever needed a piece of music to describe it, then this would fit the bill PERFECTLY!!   If only the logo could have been rendered in Comic Sans....
Until next time, dobranoc! Wub
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