The wind it howls

3:39 am : Saturday, 15 February 2014  |  ,

The wind outside is just horrendous. I have been retreating to the shed to smoke. Meanwhile the wind seems to have a voice of its own.

I truly am amazed this Government has not declared a State of Emergency. The last time we had one of those was in 1974 when strike action was crippling this country. What is happening here now is surely beyond a catastrophe. Yesterday and today, thousands more are being flooded out of their homes. This is going to take a very long time to clean up. Photos like this are just not funny. Serious action needs to be taken not right now - but long, long ago. But then, who honestly thought that toffee-nosed w*nker Cameron would pull his finger out!


1:55 pm : Friday, 14 February 2014  |  , ,

Hannah is not well at the moment, though I did manage to raise a smile with some roses and a cuddly bear for Valentine's. She cried with happiness when she received the bear, telling me she had never received such a gift. Most touching moment.

While she is sleeping, I am awaiting that delivery of a pair of curtains and duvet cover. We both have a thing about Cath Kidston, yet cannot quite afford to kit the home out with the real thing, so approximations shall have to do!

Work is still going on in the property across the road. By the looks of things, they have had to kit out the kitchen and bathroom with new accoutrements. That previous resident has sure cost them in time and money. A total of eight skips were filled, along with three small trucks. Things were insane over there. I am still confused as to how he managed to cart those changing room lockers from the nearby school over to his home. Answers on a postcard.

Lastly, I am longing for this weather to hurry up and get back to some kind of normality again. How much more disaster does this green and pleasant land need?! Literally since Christmas we have had no end of stormy weather. Aberystwyth has had to deal with this, Dawlish has been left with this, and much of Somerset has remained under water for weeks. It is beyond belief.

Stay warm and dry if you can.