11:59 am : Monday, 5 September 2005  |  ,

Those 34" jeans are fitting again. It's taken a while but I have finally managed to achieve a more healthy size.

On the way home today, I nipped into a music shop in Wealdstone. Never mind a kid in a toy shop - imagine me in a music shop. Bought a music book for flute with backing CD included. They are great. This one was down from £9.95 to £2.95, so there was no resisting here!

If Serena was here, I would rattle her with a rendition of S Club 7's Reach! She cannot stand S Club 7, or any manufactured music for that matter. When the folk at the line dance class dance to a Will Young number, you can bet your arse she'll be sat there, cursing his name!

Developments aplenty

11:32 pm : Friday, 2 September 2005  |  , ,

Nick Abbot returns to our radios. Apparently he is now doing 10AM-2PM on Saturdays on Smooth FM (formerly Jazz FM). Not a talk show, but it will be nice to hear him again.

Julie is away with her family for the weekend. Whatever she does, I hope she is happy and well.

One more day at work, then a whole week off. Let us hope for some decent weather to accompany this forthcoming break. I hear karaoke calling.