Tuesday, 25 January 2022
7:58 pm
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Tally-Ho old chap!

This government has much to be ashamed off - not least of all in recent weeks with the revelation that, while we plebs were dutifully isolating to limit the spread of a killer virus, our Etonian hoorays were busy p*ssing it up with a wine and cheese session. While we were banned from visiting dying relatives, they were clearly not bound by the same restrictions. Not only that, but their shaggy tw*t of a leader even held a birthday party during lockdown. This is our government, folks. Vote tw*t - get tw*t. Funny how that never crosses voters' minds when they are stood at the ballot kiosk, deciding which right-wing shower are fit to elect!

Also, my PIP claim had finally gone in my favour. Despite dragging their heels and refusing to bend, claiming to "uphold the decision of the Social Secretary", the DWP were finally instructed by the court to stop a*seing around and just pay up already. I have limitations and resultant needs, and they need the relevant support.

The court hearing was on Monday (yesterday), and it was held online via a conference page. In attendance was a court clerk, the judge, a GP, and a health care professional. Each took turns at asking me about my lifestyle and needs, drilling down and getting the full picture, and not then distorting it like Atos or Capita are paid millions to do. The 25 minute session closed with them telling me I would receive a copy of the decision by post. This morning that decision letter arrived. I have been awarded the mobility component. This is clearly in recognition of my limited mobility. A successful result, and just another two-finger salute to a government that thinks it knows better. Ten months after my initial claim, I am now a recipient.

They say that 70% of benefit appeals are overturned in favour of the claimant. Some even state that 12 people die each day whilst waiting for the DWP to even reach a decision. It is a rotten system, geared only to saving money. This is the result of a mindset that saw many genuine disabled people being cast as able-bodied fakers. It is no different to the hysteria that plagued single mothers in the 1990's. Teenage girls opening their legs so they can be sorted for life with a council flat? Get real, for Heaven's sake! Stop reading the Sun! Stop reading the Daily Mail which is run by coke-tooting waywards! Them and their headlines that scream: "LESBIANS GIVE YOU CANCER!" and "LABOUR PAEDOS CANCEL BREXIT!" Can we get back to some sanity and balance please?

On a separate note, our car recently failed its MOT on a couple of minor issues, though these were put right for the thoroughly reasonable cost of £106. All we knew was: if it was over £400 for the work - forget it! No need to fret though. Two new brake pipes, two new wipers, a rear indicator bulb in the CORRECT shade of amber, and to prick those headlight beams upwards. All shipshape for another year.

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