Monday, 13 December 2021
10:09 pm
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Taking the dis

It is a sad fact that I am headed for disability. Over the years I have been feeling the onset of osteoarthritis, and delighting in the restrictions it imposes upon me. Both my knees are affected, and I am unable to bend my right knee even 90 degrees. Both of my big toe joints are affected. My elbows and wrists are starting to show signs of affliction. All this before I have even turned 50. What a joy.

In March of this year I submitted a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is awarded to those whose health conditions affect their mobility and day-to-day life. Nine months on and my claim is still in limbo. A negative decision was offered in July, and a request for a "Mandatory Reconsideration" brought the same lame response in October. The matter has now been referred to the HM Courts and Tribunal Service. Of course, they submitted their wodge of paperwork, which is full of crazy assumptions such as: "he sounded compos-mentis on the telephone, therefore he is hardly likely to be truly disabled." The way this department arrives at its decisions is astounding. Never mind I walk like a f*cking penguin, and also now rely on a mobility scooter to visit the local village shop.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition - it only gets worse. There is no cure for it - only management. It is not a lifestyle accessory. It is not the latest "woke" fad. As much as I would love to be nimble like I was in my thirties, those days are firmly gone. It is clear that this matter now needs to be resolved in a Court of Law, with ready and plentiful medical evidence from my GP and the like, in order to strong-arm these petty b*stards into awarding what is properly due, as they are clearly not prepared to play fair, even with the threat of judicial intervention. They really do seem to operate on the basis that people will not challenge their decisions, and if they do, they will either tire of it, or perhaps conveniently die. It is really about saving money. You really have to fight for your due these days.

I was always in a hurry when I was young. If I'd have known I was going to end up like this, I'd have slowed down a bit!


  1. I'm sorry this is happening to you, what an awful way to treat people and why do they insist on making disabled people jump through all these hoops, it isn't much better over here and the whole thing is a sham! Good luck and I hope you get your PIP sooner rather than later!

    1. The tribunal hearing is set for late January. It will be a video call, usually with a judge, a doctor and an independent advisor. The DWP are legendary for not bothering to turn up and fight their corner, so I will be resting on my evidence. Time will tell.