Monday, 31 January 2022
3:19 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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I promise I'll suck

Pet hair be damned, because I am coming for you! That old vacuum cleaner that wheezes like an asthmatic is being replaced with something a might more potent.

Having succeeded in challenging those pedants at the DWP, I logged into my bank account this morning to find a rather generous back payment. Ten months worth of benefit that I was denied because they thought my ability to converse over the phone was evidence of non-disability. This has allowed me to pay off both credit card balances in full. And purchase a new vacuum cleaner. And a vinyl copy of Begin To Hope by Regina Spektor. The album has been reissued, so there is no need to curse the sellers on Discogs who want £60 or more for a copy. Not when there is a guy on eBay with over ten copies for £25 each.

I know I am getting old when my first purchase is a vacuum cleaner! Years ago I would have been upgrading my hifi components, or buying shedloads of new music. Nope - all that consumes me now is cat hair.

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