Sunday, 24 October 2021
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Brother beyond

The search for my lost half-brother continues. Born in London in 1963, he has two birth entries - one as Arnold R Murray and one as Arnold R Diggory. This obviously reflects the fact that his parents were unmarried. As described in a previous post, mother and son would relocate to Blackpool, where Ms Diggory would marry a Mr Mahoney. I guessed early on that young Arnold would take on this surname, and was indeed right. In 1983, bearly turned 20, he married a Ms Murdoch, and the marriage register lists two names for the groom - one as Arnold R Diggory, and one as Roger P Mahoney.

I am therefore hunting a 58 year old Roger Mahoney. Some searching on the net (using perfectly legal and readily available sites such as and Facebook) led me to a chap who would appear to fit the bill. This man certainly has similar eyes to my (and hopefully his) father. Despite communicating with his partner, they remained adamant that I had the wrong Roger Mahoney. All I could do was apologise for my intrusion.

Reuniting long-lost relatives will never be easy. The reuniting of my half-sister Kath with me and the rest of the family was painfully simple. This was no doubt down to the fact that she never let go of the notion that her real family was actually out there. Also coupled with the fact that as she is in her late sixties, time was very much of the essence. To receive a birthday card from her with the word "brother" on it really made my heart sing. I certainly long for the day when we can meet in person. The sister I was deprived of for 48 years, which is nothing when compared to the 69 years she has had to wait to meet her family!

I just hope this remaining hole can be filled at some point. Arnold/Roger Murray/Diggory/Mahoney? We are brothers already. Let us not waste any more time. You have family waiting right here for you. You have a place.

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