Thursday, 21 October 2021
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Nothing here has grown

In a world before Simply Red, there was a band called the Frantic Elevators. Led by one Mick Hucknall, this Manchester-based post-punk turned blues band recorded the first version of the classic song Holding Back The Years. Their version sounds light years away from the polished soul version we all know and love. Missing the highly familiar chorus, it still showcased Mick's vocal capabilities.

The Frantic Elevators operated from 1978 to 1983, before Mick elected to leave the band in order to find a more suitable home for his emerging vocal style. Despite going on to become world famous, he never forgot the years of "sheer fun" that he had with his former band.

Recently it emerged that the band's former drummer Kevin Williams (top right in the photo above) had died. This was apparently from COVID-related complications. Mick himself paid tribute to his former musical compadre. Kevin himself was always proud of the fact he was part of the whole Simply Red journey.

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