Saturday, 18 September 2021
12:45 am
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Wearing my Basque

DNA technology is always moving forward, and for me and many others, this means the results of my recent DNA ethnicity estimate have only gone and changed. The change for me is rather dramatic. Whereas once I was 37% Spanish and 10% Basque, my ethnic makeup is now as follows:
  • Basque - 48%
  • Irish - 33%
  • Scottish - 13%
  • Welsh - 5%
  • Spanish - 1%
It is admirable that they can differentiate between Spanish and Basque, and also astounding that I can swing from a bit of this and a lot of that to the complete opposite. The biggest surprise however, is that I now have no English in me. That 7% I had in the previous estimate has vamoosed. I am now 51% Celtic and 49% European. Brexiteers will be hating me right now - despite the fact I was born in Croydon!

Will my next estimate be describing me as Martian? Here's hoping! The more it p*sses off the gammons, the better. Ich bin ein ausländer, baby!

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