Sunday, 5 September 2021
7:15 pm
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New bot in town

I have a tracker on this blog, and its purpose is to let me know who (and what) is visiting. If I notice numerous pointless visits coming from, say Bezeq Internet in Israel, then I assume it is a hacker or a bot (or both) and block any future access to the site. Numerous visits from Mexico and Romania? They are likely to be of ill will, so they get blocked too. I don't block willy-nilly though. Visits are welcome, as long as they are not seeking access to the inner workings.

So what do I do now that there is a new search engine bot on the prowl? Apple have launched their Applebot, and right now it is merrily filling up my visitor log with rather random page landings. Harmless maybe, but still annoying.

While I am on the subject of pointless visitors:

(Chrome for Android, Galaxy A10, Virgin Media, Watford Herts UK)

JJC - why do you keep visiting? What of mine could you possibly want? We severed ties long ago. You have your beloved spouse, so why not show them some attention, instead of visiting my site over and over? I have nothing for you. I should mean nothing to you anymore. You've two beautiful kids and a partner. It's more than I have! Stop visiting. I was but filler in your life. I was the interim between nothingness and him.

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