Tuesday, 5 January 2021
1:46 am
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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Hitting home

Let us not pee about with the facts here - COVID kills. My partner has just lost her grandad to this f*cking virus. On Boxing Day he was admitted to hospital, and in all honesty, we thought we were going to lose him on New Years Day, which just so happened to be his 93rd birthday. Fortunately he did not slip away then, but it was only a matter of time. I maintained this hope that he and his body would somehow fight back and slowly allow him to return to some kind of acceptable comfort of living. It was not to be. He was given morphine to ease the discomfort of breathing, and he just slept and slept.

There is nothing that p*sses me off more than those who deny the seriousness of this pandemic. Those who refuse to wear a mask, making the same lame excuses as those who refuse to wear condoms on the basis that: "It's like swimming with wellies on". Being asked to wear a mask is not the same as being asked to paint India. When the Government tells us not to party on New Years Eve, they are not doing so to control us. They are doing so to SAVE us. As our elected Government, they have a duty of care to act in our best interests - even if they do happen to be staffed by the finest Etonian hoo-rays. This is not Belarus. Boris's surname is not Lukashenko. We do not live in a dictatorship. There are plenty of those in this world, and anyone who so desires is welcome to seek one out and live under its dictates. Believe me, singing We Will Never Forget in public will not necessarily get you arrested over here. Just don't make like Rachel Goldwyn and sing it in bloody Myanmar!

This has nothing to do with Bill Gates, George Soros, 5G or anything else. There is NO SUCH THING as a New World Order. Got that? Prince and Michael Jackson were not murdered by the Illuminati. Know why? The Illuminati does NOT exist. And if it does, it does not control anyone. Conspiracy theories achieve nothing, so just stop wasting your lives entertaining these crazy notions. The barcode/devil nonsense? That is exactly what it is - nonsense! When we bring something into our homes with a barcode on it, we are not inviting the devil into our homes! Stop filling people's heads with juvenile sh*t.

Right now we have better things to worry about, like the premature and needless death of a loved one. All he did was post a letter. There was no other way for him to contract that damn virus. It is so easy to catch it, and it will f*ck up your life and those around you.

Wear your mask. Get vaccinated. Be a f*cking adult.

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