Saturday, 9 January 2021
11:38 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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Too many tweets make a tw*t

Twitter has managed to get two things right today. Firstly, after a four-month wait, they finally got around to lifting the restrictions on my account. This happened due to my being unable to verify my account by text, having changed phone numbers. Goodness knows how many times I contacted them to say: "Please! Lift the suspension already! I will verify the account when you LET me!" Only this morning did I send my first tweet in four damn months.

The other thing they finally got around to doing was banning that orange idiot Donald Trump. At long last the popular microblogging site is free of his rot and his lies. He pushed his luck way too far, and only got away with murder because of his status. My first Twitter account was suspended due to me quoting an already commonplace hashtag, while referencing the the radical feminist Valerie Solanas. You have to be so careful what you say on there. Unless of course you happen to be POTUS. Let us be thankful Kanye West did not run for POTUS and then get elected! Then there would be tweets about him being the black Jesus. Spare us the arrogance!

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