Thursday, 24 December 2020
9:09 pm
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Gammon for Christmas

Well somehow or another, the shaggy twat Boris Johnson has managed to achieve a Brexit deal with the EU. Hardly comfort for those truckers all queued up outside Dover, spending their Christmas in their damn trucks. Naturally the Little Englanders with their gammon complexions will be celebrating this moment. It's no wonder Scotland is keen to break away from us and join the EU of their own accord. Unlike us, they have never really had a problem with the French etc. There was always a little "alliance" between the French and the Scots. Us, on the other hand, chose Brexit for reasons such as: "getting the Muslims out". Says everything, doesn't it! Separatist b@st@ards.

And as for the argument of: "If you don't like it, leave" - that has been taken away too. That old school friend who has been living in Portugal for a good few years - she is probably going to have a load of hoops to jump through, else face being sent back to this wet and windy sh!thole. We are not better off as a result.

Still, enjoy your Christmas any which way you can.

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