Monday, 21 December 2020
9:15 pm
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Tiers of dismay

It is going to be a horrible Christmas for so many people this year. While our area is currently under Tier 2, there is no ignoring the fact that our nearest city will be spending the festive period under the horrific and censorious Tier 4. Effectively, people there are being subjected to what we all were back in March. And with this new strain of the virus making its way around, life is about to become seriously unpleasant. There is no denying this whole year has been an almighty pile of horse.

My mum is safe and well in her care home, and while care homes are supposed to be among the first to receive the Pfizer/BioNTech jab, staff have admitted that things will not start to move until at least mid-January. Hell, even the Government doesn't have a bleeding clue.

Me and my partner had a COVID-19 test in late November, and thankfully tested negative. An old school friend of mine has had it, and has been suffering seizures since. This is just not a joking matter. Three kids almost lost their mother. Losing her would also have hurt me severely, as she was one of the very few in that school who could be bothered to treat me like the human being that I was, and was also around for me during my horrendous depressions in more recent years. She is a diamond, and the world still needs her.

I really do wish everyone a peaceful and hopefully enjoyable Christmas - as enjoyable as they can muster. Just wear your mask. When offered, take the jab. Show some responsibility. Behave like the adult that you are. This is no time for lies and conspiracies. This has nothing to do with Bill Gates, George Soros or 5G internet. The vaccine does NOT contain a microchip. You do NOT "get aborted babies injected straight in your vein". Face the facts. We all play an important part here.

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