Monday, 8 June 2015
1:49 am
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Home thoughts from abroad

Last night we said a sad goodbye to Chris and Marisa, who are emigrating back to the USA. They were regular attendees at our local pub quiz nights and karaoke shows. Chris himself relished performing some of the more obscure songs, and appreciated my similar efforts.

It was due to his work that they came over here from Kirtland Ohio a few years ago, and now that work sees them having to go back. Sometimes work stinks! What's more, their son will not be able to have another beer for a good two years now. Here we allow folk to drink from the age of 18, yet the USA expects you to wait another 3 years. Work that one out - you are old enough to kill but not to drink. Their Government has really got its finger on the pulse!

Now who is going to appreciate my attempts to mimic Paul Carrack and Albert Hammond?

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