Tuesday, 2 June 2015
11:23 pm
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Catch the wave

Today I attended the cardiac department at Peterborough City Hospital. This is all the result of an angina attack that dealt me a blow back in April. This test had me on a treadmill while wired up to an ECG machine and having my blood pressure taken numerous times.

Years ago I used to take about two hours walk a day, which sadly does not seem to happen these days. Being on that treadmill was rather decent. Every five minutes they increased the incline and the speed, and monitored its effect on me. I managed to achieve a good speed. The only issue for me was having to have parts of my chest hair shaved off in order to accommodate the sticky tags. This thing took years of growing! It is only thanks to my Mum's Spanish origin that I have this luxuriant chest-wig, and then they go and cut a couple of holes in it. Now I have got Hannah agitating to wax the rest of it off!

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