Sunday, 17 May 2015
2:56 pm
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Crumble Song

While I am not the greatest watcher of Britain's Got Talent, last night's show gave us a moment that made me happy as hell! Cheltenham -based musician and comedian Lorraine Bowen came on stage with a vintage Casio MT-100* keyboard on an ironing board, and treated us to a song about crumble. One Mr. Cowell was clearly not impressed, though a certain Mr. Walliams was so delighted with the spectacle that he found fit to press the Golden Buzzer - thus sending Ms. Bowen straight to the semi-final!

Imagine John Shuttleworth in the style of Victoria Wood and/or Miranda Hart. This is entertainment folks!

* (For some unfathomable reason, this late 80's keyboard came equipped with a graphic equaliser. Quite why Casio thought this was a necessary addition, I am at a loss to understand. To me at least, it kind of makes about as much sense as having a graphic equaliser on a fax machine.)

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