Friday, 8 May 2015
11:13 pm
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The turkeys have voted for Christmas

The following post is an angry and despairing one. Decide for yourself whether you can stomach the whinings of an old red. I am thoroughly ashamed and miserable. After five years of hardship and heartache under the Conservatives, we now have another five years to endure under them. More cuts aimed squarely at the unfortunate among us [an example]. It really does make me sick to the stomach.

All of you who voted Conservative are complete and utter sh*ts. The lot of you. You make me sick. Whatever possessed you to do as you did? Were you not born with hearts or brains? If so, have you no idea how to flipping well use them? Do you honestly care about no-one but your stupid little selves? Is the last penny in your pocket REALLY THAT IMPORTANT??

Yes, I may sound like ranting old left-wing loony, but I would rather live in a country that CARES about the less fortunate. It is perfectly simple: The growth of a nation cannot be achieved by keeping the down-trodden down. My only prayer now is that those nationalist types in Scotland now start to create merry hell for the Conservatives. Talk about poles apart. Create some fireworks, why don't you!

And if you think I am being a doom-monger, then consider the words of Stuart Heritage in today's Guardian:

"The country is screwed. The electorate is evil. The UK has become a flat, ugly, smouldering disaster zone, and by the year 2020 we’ll all be dressed in rags and feasting on abandoned placentas for sustenance, like the people in Threads."

Well really! I love the taste of placenta in the morning - tastes like victory!

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