Thursday, 7 May 2015
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It's time for change

The above picture was taken during the local/European elections of last year. Some godforsaken UKIP headquarters with a frayed Union flag, and an A4 printout saying: "If your not Ukip Your not BRITISH". I know we shouldn't mock the afflicted, but equating party allegiance with nationhood? Talk about dangerous minds! And if we need further proof that UKIP are a dangerous bunch, then watch this video that was originally posted on the Daily Mirror site:

UKIP Candidate Robert Blay Suspended Over Shooting Threat

Anyhow back on topic. Today is at long last the day we all go out and vote - or as many of us as can be bothered to do so. My only prayer is that we dispense with Mr. Cameron and his Eton brigade, and usher the Labour Party back in. Agree or disagree - that's entirely up to you. I personally want rid of this current lot. Iain Duncan-Smith has done way too much damage. People have died as a result of his policies. Enough is enough. We need our money back.

I don't care if Mr. Miliband bears a striking resemblance to Beaker - he has got to be less of a liability for our country. Yes there is a deficit that needs paying down, but severe austerity is not the way to do it. Having normal people suffer is no way to run a country. We do not need another "Yes it hurt. Yes it worked." Loosen the f*cking belt, why don't you! Some of us cannot breathe too easily. You have had five years, and now you must go. As for the extra £4000 a year in tax-free allowance - it was those friendly, caring Lib-Dems who insisted on that - you merely allowed them to get it through. Poor Mr. Clegg, effectively function as Mr. Cameron's condom.

Surely it is beyond time to leave behind the pathetic, selfish notion of "Look after number one, and to Hell with everyone else". I mean, have we not evolved? If you actually care about the next person, then vote Labour. If you have a heart and a brain - and they function - and you know how to USE them - vote Labour.

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