Quiz all over my face
Tuesday night is quiz night for us at the Angel Inn in Oundle. Hosted by resident Corbyite Stuart, fun is always guaranteed. Usually my team ends up winning the music quiz, and last night was no exception! It pays to know your Pickettywitch and your Chairmen of the Board. I do tend to get thrown by the more modern music (being the old fart that I am), but that's where the younger person comes in - helping me to differentiate between Lemar and Seal.

On the karaoke front, we have found a venue that plays every Sunday night. This is very useful as Sunday night TV is usually dire, and with Hannah not willing to sit through another Sky+ recording of Rude Tube, it makes sense to take me to Corby for a hearty rendition of Handle With Care. Plus the drinks are cheap there too. Petrol money permitting, this could become a regular thing.

Later this morning I have an appointment for an ECG test. This is following my recent angina attack. Apart from more walking, the only thing I have been able to do health-wise is eat my food a lot slower. Learning to taste it again, as opposed to just getting it inside of me. Even at this age, bad habits have to be unlearned. It's no wonder I have the shape of a beer barrel.

I shall now leave you with a video. This one is in memory of the late Keith Harris, who unfortunately passed away yesterday aged 67 due to cancer. The very Keith Harris who gave us Orville the duck.

Back in 1991, a rave outfit called DWA* brought us an interpretation of the classic (!) Orville song I Wish I Could Fly. What we have to remember is that this was the fashion in dance music at the time - taking a children's TV theme or song, and troweling on the techno (Rainbow, Roobarb, Sesame Street and Trumpton were also casualties of this fad). And as if that was not enough, YouTube user keiththedish has laid on a VERY clever video to accompany said song. So push your musical sensibilities to one side and gaze in awe and wonder!

* (DWA was actually comprised of artist Stuart Crichton - better known as the anagrammatic Narcotic Thrust, and also Umboza who gave us the wonderful Bamboleo-sampling 1996 hit Sunshine.)

Incidentally, this dance adaptation even managed to upset a few rather sensitive people, due to the fact that our fluffy friend was somehow advocating the use of those naughty little MDMA pills. All I can say is - you cannot argue with stupid!
* * *

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