Monday, 13 April 2015
8:30 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy

The perils of ageing

My health seems to be getting a little worse of late. Saturday night saw me suffering an angina attack. For me it was a horrendous pain in my jaw accompanied by pain in my upper chest. Having been non-smoking since mid/late January, I am seriously disappointed at this lack of health. Talk about not rewarding me for my valuable effort. I know my weight is an issue, but why this?

I am now on daily aspirin, and should an attack happen again, I will have to pop a tablet under my tongue. This is now a serious wake-up call. At 42 I am on tablets for blood pressure, cholesterol, prostate matters - and now angina. Life just gets better and better, does it not! I am not best happy about it all. I know I should lose weight again. I have been slim before, and it is now up to me to achieve that again.

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