Friday, 2 January 2015
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Pull yer finger out

2014 is done and dusted. My 2014 ended in an uncomfortable fashion. Reason - I had my prostate checked. It is something that comes to all men at some point in their lives. I started to become concerned when my morning pee would involve me having to push. When I was younger, that first pee of the day was similar to that of a horse - a full-on jet that couldn't be stopped with a bulldog clip, complete with huge head of steam! These days I am required to push to begin. And then there is the dribble at the end. When I think I am done, I put it away - only for the dribble to continue. Not in the least bit pleasing.

Before going for the actual check, I had to provide urine and blood samples for the initial tests. Come 31 December, I went for the actual checkup itself. There is only one way to check the prostate - and it involves a finger. Up the back passage.

There I was on the doctor's couch, laid on my side, knees pulled up as far as I could muster, while the doctor donned some PVC gloves and a slop of KY. Once in, he then warned me he was about to feel the prostate itself. Nothing can prepare you for this part. I really did feel like I was being violated!

The result was as follows: my prostate is of a normal size, though it does seem to be restricting the urethra. Now I am on a daily tablet to ease this. A tablet that also lowers my blood pressure and makes me feel dizzy as a result. Still, it comes with getting old.

So that was how my 2014 ended. In other matters, There has been a further musical discovery. This song came out in 1977, though I remember recording it off the radio in 1981. Again, I had no idea who or what, but to discover it again after 33 years is just satisfying. And who knew that that was John Missing You Waite on vocals too!

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