Wednesday, 27 September 2006
3:16 am
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Posted by: Fluteboy

Thanks a flipping bunch!

When I first started taking the Citalopram three weeks ago, I was hoping it would help me to start functioning properly. For the first three days I was getting stoned on them. For the rest of that week I just felt normal and calm. The last two weeks however have not been good. in fact, I can honestly say that the tablets are now not working anymore. One week of feeling benefits, then two weeks of being back to where I was before I even took them. What is the point of that?

I saw a doctor yesterday, and she was adamant that I remain on the 10mg as opposed to doubling it. She is so sure I will start to feel the benefit soon. I can only hope so, because right now I cannot see any hope. How is this progress?

Last night, Julie sent me a text to tell me she was only using me. A year and two months of being used. All I really managed to achieve was being a poor substitute for her estranged husband. That man has harmed two of his three children - one of them intentionally - and she would rather be with him. Work that out! If that man so much as puts a toe through the door of his family home, those children will be in care at the drop of a hat. As far as Social Services are concerned, he is a danger. Even her flipping sister maintains that he is a danger. When is she going to get the f*cking message!

Any man who thinks it is OK to down an entire bottle of whisky is clearly unhinged. Yet that is what he did - and she would rather be with him. Talk about the nice guy finishing last! And women not knowing what the f*ck they want - or even need! Just goes to show that hard work and effort will never pay off. Behave like an unhinged idiot, and she will come running back to you. A hopeless situation.

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