Sunday, 17 September 2006
7:56 pm
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Summer Holiday

I was in Camden this afternoon, as I usually am on a Sunday afternoon. Camden market is most enjoyable at the weekend, if a little busy. I was in a shop in the market, looking at Nepalese bracelets, when a familiar sound started to emanate from Chalk Farm Road. I recognised the song, and eagerly dashed outside into the street to see, once more, the incredible spectacle that is the band Summer Holiday.

As you can see above, they park up on a street corner, plonk their gear on top of the car (how it all stays on is anyone's guess), and climb aboard and play their happy brand of music. Very "in yer face", but utterly enjoyable! I took many pictures on my phone, but most of them have turned out blurred. I did make a point of buying their CD which is just fantastic.

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