Sunday, 10 September 2006
9:48 pm
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Soapbox Story

Yesterday I went to a concert. Not a major one, but a nice little one above a pub in Chalk Farm. I went to see Soapbox Story, a one man and his guitar act. And very good it was too.

A while ago, he contacted me here on Myspace to drum up some awareness of his music. I do enjoy his music, and made a point of sampling some of it live, and yesterday hauling myself up to The Enterprise on Haverstock Hill. He even recognised me and came up to say hello!

The act that came on before him was most intriguing. Another one-man-and-his-guitar act, this one gave us what I can only describe as Dizzee Rascal with an acoustic guitar. A spaced-out looking fellow, rattling off garage MC style lyrics in a monotone drawl while barely pausing for breath. It was quite something.

Support your small time artists. See their concerts. They will delight! None of this £80 a ticket crap. Real music, real passion, real enjoyment.

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