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I shall be seeking out another counsellor. The mental health charity MIND has a branch only fifteen minutes walk from home, and although they cost, it is worth a try. It's only a matter of time before I find something that fits me a little better. I know it's out there, I just need to seek.

The doctor is pleasant enough, though I kinda wish I had that cantankerous paedo doctor back again. Whatever the ailment, he just threw tablets at it. I was expecting actual medication as I had no idea there was another method. Maybe the doc is right by encouraging me to try the slightly more self-help method of analysing my thoughts and actions, and then trying to work on better behaviour. I was just shocked by his seemingly cavalier attitude this morning. Here's me, trying to keep control, and not always succeeding.

It's true that I should not be taking my frustrations out on people at work. More so the customers. They pay my flipping wage, so I had better start respecting them a little more. And I achieved a promotion some time ago, so sabotaging my career is not too clever. I joined the Rambler's Association recently, as I do love my long distance walks. Now my walks have more of a purpose - seeing new sights and meeting fellow walkers. I am more than willing to try anything to rid me of my horrible behaviour. I don't expect instant results, though sometimes I yearn for something to knock me out. I can get so tied up in my own anxieties at times. Time and effort will deliver.
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