Wednesday, 9 August 2006
12:14 pm
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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CBT - any good?

I saw my doctor this morning regarding my mental health, and he has referred me for a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. My question is, is anyone familiar with this, and does it work? I will be honest, I was hoping he was going to furnish me with a prescription for some form of medication, but no fortune there. My moods and behaviour have become such that I do feel like I need sedating. But the doctor thinks differently.

I had two sessions with a counsellor recently, and she decided there was really nothing she could do for me, as my anxiety is just getting in the way. All she was able to do was make suggestions. I'll be honest, each counselling session left me feeling just as, if not more, helpless. And seeing the doctor this morning has left me feeling as though no one is prepared to give me what I need.

For the longest time, people have told me to see the doctor and seek medical assistance. Now I do, and all he seems to be doing is palming me off with alternatives. Is he right? I used to have a problem with the concept of swallowing medication, yet now I am willing to do it, the doctor has other things in mind.

The doctor has referred me to this facility, adding; "If you hear nothing from them in the next three weeks, come back to me". Why can I just not be sedated? How many more customers do I need to abuse at work before the doctor will sit up and take note? I want the help, but I am being given 'alternatives'. Am I being ungrateful here? Am I missing something? I just want to be able to think straight again, and perhaps be a little more normal. I'm sick of the ranting and the crying etc.

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