Monday, 6 February 2006
11:23 am
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It was ten years ago today...

Now, where was I on this day ten years ago? Birmingham - that's where. Married to Lesley, too. I remember this day ten years ago very well! Let me explain....
  • The day: Saturday 6 February 1996.
  • The place: The Pallasades Shopping Centre, Birmingham.
  • Situation: One very upset Lesley!
Now why was she upset? Well, it was eight days to go until Valentine's Day, and she hadn't received anything from me yet! Still eight days grace, and she was already fretting. She had already got me a card, yet I apparently hadn't had the decency to get her anything. Even though there was largely a week to go!

"But there's still eight days to go!!!" I told her, exasperated. "Well it's the thought that counts!" she replied! It seemed nothing was going to shut her up, but an immediate Valentine's gift from me. So, off into the card shop, purchased a big card, and a pen, wrote it out and sealed it, and then went back out and presented it to her. Only now was she able to smile and return to some sanity.

Still we live and learn. Maybe I should send her one of these!

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