Monday, 12 July 2004
6:46 am
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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Ooh! It's arrived!

While deciding what to do, by way of a hobby, I have decided to take up the flute. I ordered one on eBay, and she has arrived. Good price too - a total cost of $86 (that's £46 for us Brits).

I wanted to take it up when I was 12, but guess what? I didnae. So I'm playing catchup now. It'll give me something to annoy the neighbours with, perhaps drown out all that house and garage nonsense!

Anyone else play the flute? Any advice? I am already having trouble hitting the lowest notes. I guess practice makes perfect.

I'm sure I heard my neighbour singing in order to drown me out!

++++++++++ UPDATE ++++++++++

Well, it's been five days, and I can play a rather lovely rendition of Closest Thing To Crazy, although the bit where she sings "Well now I know...", goes a bit awry! That aside, I'm doing well. Self taught too! I'll have to take some lessons in order to crack those lowest notes.

You know what my goal is? To play along to Eva Cassidy's rendition of Wade In The Water. Give me time though! I'll get there.

What I've got is just a simple nickel plated student model. Cheap, but suits me just right. I really should have taken it up all of those 20 years ago, but then, would I have had the right attitude and stuck with it?

It's a challenge but I'm enjoying it. The thing to remember when learning any instrument, is not to go in thinking that you are required to conquer it. Parts of it may be challenging, but you just have to work together, you and the instrument. Playing for the love of it is what matters.

I dont care what people play, just as long as they play. The joy of making music can't be measured. Even if it's a comb and paper, or a triangle! If you enjoy it, wahey!

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