Tuesday, 1 June 2004
11:53 am
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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Yet another anniversary

Sorry to be miserable, but it's in me and it has to come out. Eight years ago today, my marriage failed when she walked out for another. It was a bad marriage to a complete headcase, so it had to end. Eight long years have gone by, and still I am solo. I'm amazed I am still alive, somehow, I am still in existence, for what reason I will never know. He must have it in for me.

I am not going to ask "How much longer?" because there is just no answer to that one. But what shall I sing tonight? Normally I commemorate the event with She's Out Of My Life, but some sad bastards have a problem with Michael Jackson. We don't have Love Stinks, so that's off the menu.

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