Sunday, 15 August 1999
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From London's ES Magazine:

Different female names called out in bed by her husband, according to divorce statements by Mrs. Newton-Combe of Cricklewood - 12

Most joke names used for fraudulent benefit claims by one person taken to trial at Southwark Crown Court - 22 (Including Andy Pandy, Jack O,Nory, Ronald McDonald & Ringo Starr)

Sub-categories of worms still in need of names, according to the Natural History Museum - 2,500,000

Officers in the Metropolitan Police Vice Squad with the surname Vice - 1

Years since Elizabeth Hurley's office discreetly admitted that her mother's maiden name was Titt - 4

House names more popular than "The Oaks" in Greater London - 0

Minutes after becoming married and renamed Kat Sluckin, that the aforementioned, of Kensington, had second thoughts and vanished to the Divine Light Meditation Commune in Finchley,to become "K" - 15

Minutes driver Bart Simpson was questioned on the A1 before police believed it was his real name - 8

Estimated expense this decade by British Telecom in letting "nomenclature re-inventor" Wally Olins of Wolff Olins, London, reduce their name to BT - £50,000,000

Days after addressing customer Ruth Snell Rainbow Van Gogh as "Ms SnellRainbowHallucinogenicExperience" that the British Gas employee responsible was sacked - 3

Smiths in Greater London - 32,105 +

London roads, centres or blocks of flats named after Nelson or Winnie Mandela - 14

London residents with names longer than "Lt. General His Highness Shri Shri Shri (plus 100 more Shris) Maharajadhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Maharja-i-Rajgan Maharaja Sir Yadvindra Singh Mahendra Bahadur Yadu Vanshavatans Bhatti Kul Bhustan Rajpramukh of Patiala - 0

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