From London's ES Magazine:
So aggravated was the wife of Theo Christodoulou, of Haringey, by his ill-calculated DIY that she put an OXO cube in the shower head of their incomplete bathroom, causing Theo to pull seven radiators off the wall in revenge.

The barrister of Paul Erkiet, of Ladbroke Grove, admitted his client was "well aware he had an anger problem" after three separate road-rage arrests involving: biting a female driver for honking at him; punching another (and stealing her car keys) for being slow-to-pull-away; and grabbing the throat of a woman on a pedestrian crossing.

Beryl Buckingham, of Chiswick, walked into her local police station and declared, "I've just deliberately reversed into one of your cars outside to get my husband's attention during a row."

Incensed by being blamed for damage to an office fridge, Katie Jean Simpson, of Cricklewood, declared, "I could tell you eight million times" and then threw a filing cabinet through the window.

Mark Helm, of Collier's Wood, set fire to his partner's copy of The Little Book of Calm and "dug up the garden in a destructive manner" after learning she'd agreed to do charity work during his annual holiday period.

Sir Elton John is said to have been angry after the broadcast of a TV documentary showing him shouting at French people "I'm going to leave this f*cking country and I'm never f*cking coming back!"

After being divorced by her husband James, Rona Konnerth found him in a bar and attacked him with scissors, posted a lit pair of petroleum-soaked tights through his letterbox in East London and thereafter carrying a revolver, CS gas cartridges, electric stun gun and balaclava in her car.

Stuart Driver was so inflamed by ex-employee Sandra Darke that, using her credit card details, he ordered an air humidifier, two stuffed parrots, a shower curtain, a model Dalek, a double mattress, some flea trap discs and a full military suit to be sent to her address.

Jenny McDonall, of South-East London, was so angry after a row with her husband Patrick that she climbed onto the roof. She then refused to come down, causing Patrick to "give up my new job with British Rail, to look after the kids".

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