Thursday, 26 May 2022
11:06 am
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In the pink

Hannah has a new bed. One of those scroll/sleigh/Chesterfield type beds. And because it is her bed, it is pink. The old one lasted eight years but started to become inappropriate for her physical needs. We replaced her foam mattress last month with a new firmer one, and that brought some improvement, though replacing the frame was also in need.

Ordering furniture through established furniture dealers is something we just don't do. This is mainly due to the length of time it takes them to deliver. Any company that wants us to wait for two or more weeks can go spin. We don't expect next day delivery, just something a little more prompt! That is where the eBay sellers come in. We bought the bed on Thursday 19th, and were told it would arrive on Thursday 26th or Friday 27th. It actually turned up yesterday on Wednesday 25th. All intact, all robust, all in proper condition, and not a niggle to be had.

The gardening is ongoing. The gardener is planting at this very moment. A mountain of lavender and other assortments await their place in the soil, along with two more David Austin roses for the back. Only the best for her!

Vinyl wise, a copy of Mike + The Mechanics' first album arrived yesterday, in pristine condition with its original price sticker on it. Oh for the days when an LP only cost £4.49! Today a copy of the 1988 soul and dance compilation Brothers In Rhythm arrived, along with a copy of the Bad Company single Feel Like Makin' Love for her little collection of singles. Right now I am watching a copy of Two Suns by Bat For Lashes on eBay. It is currently sitting at £41, which is less than the minimum of £68 that it goes for on Discogs. Do I bite?

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