Wednesday, 26 May 2021
7:52 pm
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Ray of gob

This week I shall be ordering the Ancestry DNA kit. Normally priced at £79 - which is cheaper than some providers - there is a limited time offer of £59. This could not come at a better time, as various members of my family wish to get closer to the truth of who brought Kath into this world!

The test is most straightforward - you simply gob into a plastic pot, seal it, and send it back to them. It then takes them 6-8 weeks to unweave the mysteries that are contained in this barcode of life. I am expecting a 12.5% match with Kath, which will point to a 25% match between my father and her. I am very certain, but DNA will tell for sure. If it allows crimes to be solved, then it sure as Hell can shed light on this family conundrum.

The Ancestry site is very fascinating. It has allowed me to go back to my 4X Great grandparents, most of whom hailed from odd little places in Shropshire that to this day remain as villages and hamlets. The earliest being born in 1762, and all with thoroughly English names like Brookes and Bays, Horton and Cornes, Adams and Williams, Groom and Keeling. That Englishness pervaded until the drunk Irishman Thomas Murray came and added to the mix. My mother of course would come and add her Spanish heritage. "Si si! San Miguel!"

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