Sunday, 14 February 2021
10:35 pm
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Scales of justice

For the past month I have been on the weight loss tablet Orlistat - usually available under the brand name Xenical. This has been to (obviously) enable me to lose some weight - something that is difficult to do when your movement is hindered by arthritis and back pain. As much as I would love to walk for two hours a day, like I did in London, my body just will not allow that at the moment. That said, there may be a chance that the slimmer me would still be similarly affected. Arthritis is degenerative and shall not be cured, unless you are afforded joint replacements.

In this one month I have managed to say goodbye to a very decent one and a half stone (21 lbs/9.5 kg). My heaviest ever weight of 21 and a half stone is now down to 20 stone (280 lbs/127 kg). There is still another 7 stone (98 lbs/44.5 kg) to be lost, but I am utterly satisfied so far. My belt can be tightened three holes smaller.

Whether I make it back to being 11 stone (154 lbs/70 kg) again remains to be seen, but I am so glad that my doctor saw fit to put me on this tablet. It is by no means a miracle cure or a passport to eat what you like. Rules have to be followed. As it is a fat absorber, it will allow fat to pass through the body undigested, which results in oily stools and serious gas. Comsuming a lot of fat will result in severe urgency and possible leakage. This fact therefore ensures that you eat less fat. Adapting to smaller portions is also essential, and I am at last managing to eat a meal and not feel like I want a second helping.

It is a shame to have to rely on a tablet to undo my own evil creation, but then I did not bank on having arthritis. These ailments are never offered or even selected as a lifestyle choice. While the old-fashioned maxim of eat less, move more will always hold true, some of us are limited in movement. Nevertheless, here's to more lard being discarded.

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