Saturday, 4 July 2020
9:38 am
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Stone free

It's weight loss time once again. A couple of weeks ago I weighed myself, and the verdict was: 21 stone and 7 pounds. For American viewers that's 301 pounds, and if you are European you can read it as 136.5 kilos. This is my heaviest weight ever. Add to this mix two arthritic knees and two arthritic big toe joints, and a dose of lower back pain, and it is a true recipe for bad living! The age of 50 is not too far away, and I do have this desire to live beyond 57, which is the age my dad died.

Week one I managed to lose four pounds by restricting what I eat, while week two has seen a further seven pounds shifted. This was achieved by drinking nothing but water. A bloody hard thing to do. Fizzy drinks - even without the sugar - are damn yummy! And energy drinks? Well I enjoyed them a little too much. I know I have a full-time job as a carer to my partner, but is that really a reason for inhaling a litre of Red Terror each and every day? By having a minimum of three litres of water a day, something seems to have changed. The reading is now: 20 stone and 10 pounds (290 pounds / 131.5 kilos).

How did it ever get to this? Back in 2007 I was a thoroughly decent eleven stone, and had energy aplenty. Living as I did in London, I would walk for two hours a day, which was just as well as my eating was not small portioned. Then arthritis and back pain started to rear their damned heads, and my movement was becoming restricted. Weight would then start to pile on at the rate of probably a stone a year. Where once I was svelte, I was now a colossal avalanche. And once the weight goes on, movement only becomes more restricted.

An old school friend died last month, and while he appeared to live a hedonistic lifestyle, it was a reminder for some of us to buck up and make some kind of change. Bad health does not come with any reward. Whether I make it back to eleven stone remains to be seen. There is no fun to be had in looking like a sack of spuds.

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