Wednesday, 22 July 2020
12:31 am
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I'm at a payphone

I put some DJ equipment up for sale on Facebook Marketplace recently. In return I asked for a not unreasonable sum. Later on that day, a man contacts me and says: "U want Samsung S6?" In other words, he wanted my equipment but did not want to hand over any actual money for it, and thought I would be willing to accept an old smartphone instead. I responded with a polite "No thank you", thinking this would be the end of it. No chance of that! He then replies with: "OK how about S7?" and sends me pictures of said mobile phone! Needless to say, I blocked the guy. He with no actual money to impart may kindly bog off.

I was then presented with a question - when did smartphones become legal tender? I know there was an advert where a guy in Prague swapped his Levi 501's for a Trabant, but I would rather realise some cash, if that is at all possible! I really was shocked and stunned. I then decided to edit the advert, and tacked the following notice at the bottom: "I will only accept cash - not mobile phones!" That I actually have to put such a disclaimer in an advert is depressing. Come on!

Hee teacheth od fellowes play tricks with their creditors, who instead of payments write IOV, and so scoffe many an honest man out of his goods.

Still, it kind of adds a new meaning to the word payphone.

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