Thursday, 10 December 2015
3:14 am
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Posted by: Fluteboy
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Mmm... cake!

Today my partner has turned 30. Time for growing up, I am afraid! There will be a party for her on Friday at the local pub, with me providing the DJ entertainment. Family members will be travelling some distance to see her - Somerset for example - and there will be another chance to see my sister. The last time I saw her was in October of last year, and that was the first time in 15 years we had seen one another.

The DJ side of things has been going well. Upgrading my old and thoroughly worn equipment is happening bit by bit. I recently replaced the old mixer case - a carpeted affair that was held together with spit and gaffa tape. When I broke the old case up to dispose of it, the smell of dust and old smoke permeated the room! This case literally drank all manner of unsavoury aromas through the years. But that has been dealt with now. Next on the hit list is this ye olde mixer that decides for itself whether to give me both stereo channels on a couple of faders. And a crackly headphone stage. I don't demand the best, just a smidgen of reliability please!

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