Wednesday, 10 December 2014
10:03 pm
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In jolly good health!

Today is Hannah's birthday, and me and others certainly pulled our fingers out to give her a good day. The day began with a haircut for her, which included cuddling a 10 week old staff puppy. Its owner was busy snipping away while little Beau dozed off on Hannah's chest!

Then followed afternoon tea at the Talbot Hotel - a wonderful historic place which is apparently haunted by Mary Queen of Scots. Wonderful sandwiches with proper fillings, raspberry jam with whole raspberries suspended in it, and of course tea. There was even a surprise complimentary helping of ice cream for Hannah!

The evening was nicely topped off with a visit to our road from Santa. Any excuse for a ho-ho-ho!

On a separate note, I upgraded my phone last month. That ZTE/T-Mobile Vivacity served me well for two years, but speed is of the essence these days, as is storage! Still an Android user, but now with a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Dressed with the seriously impressive Yahoo Aviate launcher - and a London-centric wallpaper - I am a happy nerd again!

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